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1st solo album

The first album of pianist Jiwon Han, 2nd prize winner at the 2013 ISANG YUN International Competition!


His debut album was “From Romantic to Modern”, it consists of Chopin, Liszt, Stravinsky, and I-Sang Yun.


"Poet of the Piano" Chopin's Ballad No. 4 and Barcarolle.

The only piano sonata by Liszt, depicting the life of a human being.

Stravinsky's Petrouchka, which is called the work of the three most technically challenging piano repertoire.

Five Piano pieces by I-Sang Yun, a master of modern music.


During the running time of 78 minutes, he plays in a variety of programs.

He quietly tells his story. A deep resonance and a climax to the extreme,

and in his album, which captures even the pain in one note.

You can feel not only the brilliant technique but also the ability to interpret the song and deep musicality.

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